Posted by: wanderingnotlost | August 13, 2009

people all get ready…

i said i wouldn’t do it.  i honestly had no intention of chronicling my experience abroad in a place so public for many reasons, the biggest of which being the fact that i felt the only person interested in reading it would be my mom. fortunately, i have very supportive friends, some old and many fairly new (yay CU), who seem genuinely interested in hearing about my travels and a burgeoning interest in journalism in all its forms, so yeah… these factors converged to create the blog before you.

even though i should be finishing up some last minute packing, i feel like i should mention a few things before you and i embark on this blogging experience.  this is my first blog, so please bear with me as i stumble through this process. some things i think you should know: a) i tend to be a little laxed about capitilizing letters, b) i like to fiddle with sentence length and structure, c) grammar is not my strong suit, d) i might misspell a word or two or even make them up depending on my mood, e) i tend to be terribly long-winded.